University of St Andrews Men's Golf Club

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The alumni database is a new addition to the Men's Golf Club and the aim is to bring together both former and current club members.


We are extending contact to alumni with the intention of creating an active community of former members. This builds upon our current ties with SUGS, the Scottish University Golfing Society, and the Bevears. Many former members have already come forward to state their interest and willingness to contribute in the club which was such a large part of their university life.


Adding your email address to the database will bring with it:

regular updates from within the club, results of team and club matches, inclusion in upcoming kit orders as well as alumni events and the ability to organise events with current members.


If you would like to be added to the database please fill out the form on the right or email the club to that effect and provide an uptodate email address.




Club Kit Orders

There will be a Club Kit order later October/early November for delivery before Christmas. If you want to be involved please keep checking the website for details or email the club to register your interest.

Club Ties

Club ties can be purchased through the club throughout the year. If you wish to purchase a tie please email the club to that effect.


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